Our Team
Technical Leader
My goal is to help the client to jointly find solution for business problems, using technical expertise. Also, to calculate at the early stages the relevance of the implementation of technological solutions in the project.
Full Stack developer
It is hard to find a job in which you can grow as a specialist all the time and constantly learn something new throughout your work. Programming always keeps brain in a good shape.
Full Stack developer
Сool specialist receives requirements from the customer and can offer him more optimized or profitable solution based on the latest technological capabilities.
Nikolay Parshyn
We were just building stuff 'cause we thought it was cool. I do remember having these specific conversations with my friends where we thought, you know, someone is gonna build this. Someone is gonna build something that makes it so that people can stay connected with their friends and their family.
Project Manager
To manage project in such way that both the development team and customer are satisfied ("win-win" philosophy) and project was delivered in time and could be strong competitor on market - that's what inspires me and helps to find keys for solving most complex tasks and situations!
Back-end developer
I just love writing code. It's great to be part of a global and rewarding process.
Front-end developer
Technology is evolving all the time. It inspires me to get better every day.
Front-end developer
Each project is a separate world with its own difficulties. Overcoming these difficulties, quality of your work is growing. Thanks to this you start to get more pleasure from work.