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We find technological solutions for business, startups and can experiment with your ideas and vision.
Developing or upgrading an information system that allows you to store and process most of the critical data for your business.
The microservice approach implies a division into services in accordance with the needs of the business. Such services include the full range of technologies required for business needs.

Cross-platform applications
This solution is designed to be able to, with minimal effort, compile the source code for execution on several mobile platforms. It's an ideal solution for startups, which usually have fixed and limited budget.
Integration provides connection between several components of different systems that helps product to be more powerful, increase total number of users and get extra functionality.
Internet of things
Developing the concept of a computer network of physical objects which are equipped with certain technologies to interact with each other excluding interaction between them and people.

We analyze the product and offer to use new, but already reliable technological solutions in order to make the product better.
Optimization can improve the reliability, speed and efficiency of user interaction with the product.
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